The Simone de Beauvoir Institute (SdBI) is a college of Concordia University dedicated to studying feminisms and questions of social justice. We see feminism as a broad methodology that enables us to better conceptualize and fight for progressive change. Read "About us" for more information on our academic approach.

Each year, the SdBI offers exciting courses and multiple activities that explore particular local and global areas of interest such as sexuality, violence, health, work, poverty, racism, militarism, and globalization.

We offer undergraduate majors and a minor in Women's Studies, and we advise graduate students in Concordia's humanities and special individualized graduate programs.

The SdBI is a place of lively intellectual exchange, with teaching, research, activism, and community service enriched by faculty, Lillian Robinson Scholars, Institute Fellows, Research Associates, and students. Since feminist scholarship insists on the connection between knowledge and action, the SdBI and, in particular, the Women's Studies Student Association (WSSA) is active in the local feminist community through research and outreach.



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